Samburu Trust

We think every child deserves an education

That’s why we at the Good Little Company are empowering future leaders through a nomadic education project in Kenya with The Samburu Trust.

Life can be tough for the Samburu people in Northern Kenya. Drought, rampaging elephants and a nomadic lifestyle can make everyday things a challenge. Children simply can’t afford to walk 3 hours each day to get to school.

Yet the Samburu people are a nomadic tribe, so the solution isn’t as simple as building another school. The Samburu Trustrealised this and spent years living alongside the people, trying to understand their way of life and searching for a solution.

And they found one….

A nomadic tribe requires a nomadic school.

In 2004, The Samburu Trust built its first eco-friendly nomadic school. The school moves when the people migrate, and it employs local teachers, who understand the Samburu community.

This is really exciting, because success has grown! The Good Little Company now help support two eco-schools and a thorn-tree school.*We’re also supporting the development of a three year teacher training programme to help prepare local teachers and ensure the delivery of a quality education programme.

We think that every child deserves an education. Through the Samburu Trust we are supporting a sustainable solution which respects an ancient culture, invests in the local community and empowers future leaders through basic literacy and numeracy.


*Thorn-tree school (noun) classes held around an African thorn-tree (talk about a mobile classroom!)


“We’ve always considered our work a partnership with the Samburu people. We’re delighted to have the support of the Good Little Company who understand and respect this relationship. They are helping us to develop and grow our education programmes, transforming the lives of many Samburu children.”

Julia Francombe, Founder & Director, Samburu Trust